Participate in the scheme

Become a ‘Board apprentice’

Applicants will be sourced primarily through participating organisations, however, there is the opportunity for exceptional individuals who are one step away from the board to participate in the scheme.

Benefits for participants: 

  • An exceptional career development opportunity
  • Practical support to take the step up to a board level role
  • Gain first-hand experience of the workings and dynamics of boards
  • Accumulate credible experience for future Non-Executive and Executive roles
  • Develop an insight into how different businesses operate
  • Contribute to business strategy and leadership
  • Access to mentoring from an established Board Director and exclusive training
  • A network of alumni for ongoing support

All participants will be required to commit to the following:   

  • Commit to attending an agreed number of board meetings or leadership team meetings at the host company
  • Sign an NDA and keep all material and knowledge confidential
  • Agree to participate in the scheme on an unpaid basis
  • Provide feedback on your progress at the conclusion of the secondment 

Become a host board

Benefits to the host organisation:

  • Fast track your own talented individuals and equip them to become board ready
  • Develop your succession plan
  • Achieve a more balanced representation on your board
  • Gain a fresh perspective in the boardroom
  • Demonstrate your commitment to developing a diverse talent pool
  • Practical and cost-effective development of high calibre executives
  • Talent retention through clear development opportunities

Participating organisations will be required to commit to the following: 

  • Offer to host a participant on their own board or senior leadership team
  • Propose two or more high-calibre individuals, willing to be placed into another organisation, as potential candidates to be interviewed and selected by host organisations
  • Endeavour to recommend both male and female applicants
  • Provide constructive feedback and mentoring to the successful applicant throughout the secondment
  • Pay a sum of £5,000 as a contribution towards the placement and administration of the scheme